Our Products

Personal Saving

Enjoy a convenient, safe and rewarding banking experience with our, user-friendly Internet and Mobile Banking service

SME Business Loan

We provide different short and medium loans for Small and Medium Enterprises to meet varying financing needs.

Time Deposit

If you do not need immediate use of your funds Lefayda is the right choice to manage them. We offer you higher rates than regular savings accounts, the longer the term, the higher the interest, we work hard to ensure your money generates more value for you.

Auto Loan

We provide short to medium loan for acquisition of Private and Commercial vehicles

Business/Company Saving

Designed to meet your day to day business banking needs, grow your business with our simple, convenient and seamless banking service..

SALAD Loan (Salary Advance Loan)

This SPECIAL Salary Advance Loan Service is provided for our Business Partners and affiliated Companies to their employees for the purpose of Medical, Education Fee, Emergency, Delivery, Special Ceremonies such as Weeding and consumption

Kids & Youth Special Saving

A Savings Account which is specially designed for your children, you can open and operate the account to plan your child’s need.

School Fee Loan

We are offering loan facilities for Primary, Secondary, College and/or University education fees to you and/or your beloved ones. The beauty of our School Fee Loan service is that we settle your fee in-time directly to the respective school / institution on your behalf, with reasonable service charge.

Women Special Saving

A comprehensive solution to women’s banking and lifestyle needs to ensure that your money works hard for you! With this product we give special attention to the role women play in the economy, which has been under utilised in the past.

Appliance & Other Consumer Goods Loan

Our customized loan products help you improve your lifestyle by providing you with options to purchase household items and consumer electronics such as TVs, mobiles, ACs, laptops, refrigerators and washing machines etc. On easy and flexible repayment terms.

Our Services


Just give us a call or arrange for us to pick your cash on your behalf.


Save your time and money using our CASH Delivery Services which are tailored to your needs.


With our Cash Collection Service we take care of collecting cash from your customers, and credit your account at Lefayda accordingly.


Your people power your business. Lefayda Payroll Payment Service aims to take the burden off your company salary payment tasks.


With our Cash Payment Service, we effect payment on your behalf to your Suppliers, Agents, Utility Providers, Education Institutions etc. and debit your account at Lefayda. .


Transact wherever you are, at any time, using our Online & Mobile Banking service; you can deposit, withdraw, transfer money, view your account transactions and more.


Receive notifications for every transaction that happens on your accounts.

Loan Consultancy

We counsel and advise our clients before we grant loan to ensure the loan meet their requirement & objectives. In addition, we provide some guidance on loan repayment scheme.

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01 Dec 2017

Addressing your education needs …

We are offering a lone facilities for Primary, Secondary, College and/or your University education fee to you and/or your beloved ones. The beauty of our School Fee Loan Service is that we settle your fee in-time directly to the respective school/institution on your behalf, with reasonable service charge.

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